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This Portal, www.bankableproperties.com, has been set up to enhance the Liquidity of the Securities (eg Real Estate, Equipment, Vehicles, Gold etc) being Sold by the Banks/ Financial Institutions/ Courts/ Governments to recover their Dues. This Portal also provides more choice to the Potential Buyers of these Assets.

The above mentioned objectives are being achieved by :

  • Having a Very Easy and Do-It-Yourself Advertisement Listing Process,
  • Making Basic Advertisement Listing Free.
  • Value-Added Services being Very Low in Cost,
  • Securities (ie Properties) very easily searchable. Properties are searchable across Multiple Property Classes (ie Real Estate, Vehicles, Equipment, Precious Items) and Dozens of Categories/ Sub Categories. Each of these is Searchable across 36 States (and Union Territories), around 700 Districts and 800 Cities/ Towns in India.
  • Complete Transparency in Property Details and Advertiser Details (All these Details are available to Every Visitor, Free of Cost to the Visitor. Visitors need not even Register with the Portal to view All these Details),
  • Every Visitor can directly get in touch with any Advertiser through Phone Calls/ Emails.
  • Every Visitor can have a Live Chat with the Advertiser, if the Advertiser is available Online. If the Advertiser is not Online, the Visitor can send a message giving her (ie the Visitors) Name/ Email/ Phone Numbers.
  • Facility is also provided for Any Visitor to indicate Amount etc. in respect of Every Advertisement.
  • An Innovative Concept of Service Providers has been created, who specialise in various aspects including having knowledge of Banking Procedures/ Law/ Valuation etc. and also who can provide Funding for Acquisition of these Securities. These Service Providers ( eg Loan Providers, Buying Advisors, Legal Advisor) can make themselves easily accessible to Potential Buyers wishing to avail their Services, by List themselves (Free of Cost) on this Portal.
  • In case a Potential Buyer is not able to get a Property of her/ his choice, Facility has been provided to her/ him to Post an Advertisement Listing (“Required Real Estate”/ “Required Equipment” etc). The Banks can search through such “Required …” Postings to see if there is any requirement available for the Securities (ie Properties) available with them.



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