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  1. Wide Range of Properties

Wide range of properties are available – including Real Estate (Residential/ Commercial/ Industrial/ Agriculture), Vehicles (2/ 3/ 4 Wheelers, Multi-Axle), Equipment (Plant & Machinery, Power Generating), Precious Items (Gold/ Silver) etc.

  1. Large Number of Locations

36 States, 700 Districts and 8,000 Cities/ Towns, approximately, have been created and kept in the Database to make it easy for the Advertisers, The Potential Buyers and Service Providers.

  1. Easy Search

Search can be carried out in various levels of detail based in inclination of the person searching (whether searching for Properties or for Service Providers). Searches can be initiated at multiple places in the web page, including in the Header, Category/ Sub Category Search in the Home Page, Location wise at bottom of the page, in addition to the advanced search options provided in each search result page.

  1. Search for Properties which may be available in Future

In case the Potential Buyer is interested, she/ he can search for properties which may be available in Future.

  1. New Concept of Service Providers

Facility has been provided for Potential Buyers (and the advertising banks) to be able to locate and avail of specialized services like to assist them in dealing with the banks, providing legal assistance, valuation assistance, loans, loan advise, insurance, warehousing, security etc.

  1. (For Banks) Advertising Facility available for Demand/ Possession Notices also

Banks can Advertise Demand and Possession Notices too. Potential Buyers can search for these listings as “Properties May be available in Future”. Advantage of Advertising Demand/ Possession Notices is that the Potential Buyers will get to know of these properties and the Potential Buyers also may reach out to the Banks to show their interest in the property as and when it comes for sale. Banks can reach out to these interested buyers anytime, before or during the sale period.

  1. Contact Details of the Advertisers available to everyone

Contact Details of the Advertisers are directly available to everyone. You need not Register or ask anyone.

  1. Public Notice of Intended Purchase of Real Estate

Public Notices of Intended Purchase of Real Estate can be published.

  1. Public Notice of Intended Security Creation (in Favour of a Bank)

Public Notices of Creation of Security in Favour of a Bank can be published.

  1. Listing Services for Service Providers

Facility has been given to the Search Providers like Buying Advisors (who could be Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Ex-Bankers etc), Legal Advisors, Loan Providers etc. etc. to publish availability of their Services. They have also been provided with option of indicating which particular properties they would be interested in providing service to. Service Providers, in case they wish to have associates in different locations, can publish an advertisement for that.

  1. Publishing Requirement

In case a Potential Buyer is not able to find a suitable property or a suitable service provider, facility has been provided for the Potential Buyer to Publish their Requirement. This requirement would be seen by the Banks having such properties or by the Service Providers who would wish to provide services.

  1. Having Live Chat with the Advertiser or Sending email to the advertiser

In case a Visitor wishes to have a Live Chat with the Advertiser (for Property or a Service Provider), the visitor can do so (using a Chat Window which is available on the Right Top of the Webpage of the Listing), without even registering at our Portal. Chat is, ofcourse, possible only if the Advertiser is Online. If the Advertiser is not Online, the Visitor can send an email. If a Visitor does not wish to Live Chat, but just wishes to send an email, he can do so too (using a click box just below the Live Chat Window).

  1. Sharing a Listing to the Visitors Social Media Page (ie Facebook/ Twitter/ LinkedIn) or emailing the Listing

Any Visitor can share any Listing to her/ his Social Media Account using the icons which are available at the Left Top of the Listing.


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